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All medical institutions selected by H&H are certified and authorized by governmental institutions to provide surgical care.


HAS (High Authority for Health) accreditation certifying French healthcare institutions and guaranteeing the quality of care and safety of the patients.

HAS is an independent public authority that assesses healthcare institutions from a medical and economic point of view. It certifies health institutions and accredits physicians in order to assess and improve the quality of care and the safety of patients in healthcare institutions and outbound care.

A quality guarantee for your medical stay in France.


Supervision by the ARS (Regional Agency of Health) responsible for ensuring the health system’s efficiency.

The different regional agencies supervise the entire French health system. They ensure a more coherent and more effective approach of health policies hence allowing a fluent care pathway.

A guarantee to meet the patients’ needs.

H&H sets up partnerships with medical institutions of the largest private groups such as RAMSAY Générale de Santé, the largest private hospital group in France accounting for 17% of private hospitalization in France and ELSAN, the second largest private hospital group in France accounting for more than 1,200,000 patients per year.

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