• Enjoy medical and surgical excellence in all serenity

    Health & Hospitality assists you and puts you into relationship with your specialist, coordinates your medical care and organizes your medical stay in France
  • Endometriosis: A centre of expertise

    Located in Marseille, our centre proposes surgeons specialized in endometriosis and a fertility institute

Centres of excellence

H&H’s medical partner team selects its centres of medical and surgical excellence in order to optimize your medical care and to offer you the best medical institutions. All of these medical institutions are certified by the French High Authority of Health (HAS). Permanent quality assessment of medical institutions as well as the search for accredited physicians is the key quality criterion of our mission.

Medical care

The mission of our medical concierge service is to put you in contact with a practitioner and a medical and surgical centre of excellence which will ensure your complete medical care and thereby allow you to completely focus on your treatment. According to your requests and desires, H&H together with its partners will organize your travel, appointments, hospitalisation, accommodation, an interpreter and the social aspects of your stay.

Receiving medical treatment in France

The World Health Organization has ranked France among the best countries for medical treatment worldwide. Whether it is about the physicians’ technical expertise or the developments in the field of medical research, France ranks among the best in the world. H&H aims to offer you access to this French medical reputation.

Health & Hospitality

H&H offers you individual support during all your steps of medical care in France. France’s medical reputation is founded on the application of rigorous standards of the French healthcare system as well as the quality and excellence of its surgical and medical school. Simultaneously, we offer a set of high-standard support services in order to provide you with the healthcare stay you deserve.


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For the serene organization of your care pathway in France, H&H will put you in contact with experts of the best medical institutions (certified by the French High Authority of Health). Our versatile team will accompany you through the process of organizing your therapeutic stay as well as the stay of your loved ones.


France offers numerous specialized physicians and medical institutions providing high-quality care – whatever your health needs may be.


From your first appointment Health & Hospitality and its partners are there to support you and give you advise with your post-operative care.


Thanks to its network, the Health & Hospitality team adapts to your specific demands by customizing your medical care and support.


Health & Hospitality will put you in contact with its partners. For an efficient treatment it is important that you feel at ease at all times that is why you will always have the final choice concerning your healthcare practitioner.

When my wife started having heart problems, I knew that she quickly needed medical care as well as the best surgeons. Without H&H, she would no longer be alive. A big thank you to all the team for your help and humanity!

Alexey, MOSCOU

Ma chirurgie batriatrique a changé ma vie. Que c’est rassurant de faire appel à une équipe réactive !

Maria, MAROC

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